Saturday, 12 September 2015

Recovery run #4 - Whernside from Ribblehead - Saturday 29th August

After trying to carry on with my running, but continually feeling crap, I finally decided to give it all a rest for a week or so following an evening run on 18th August. I also saw the doctors again in the interim and we decided to ditch taking anti-inflammatories altogether and just stick with the daily antacid tablet. So, after a ten day rest up, I tried once more to get my running kicked off again. To be fair I was now feeling a lot better but, all the same, taking just a slow trot up Whernside did feel a bit nerve racking at the start. 

Anyway, the run went really well and, although Hester and the dogs zoomed off ahead as we got near to the summit, I just felt really glad to be up there and running. Maybe not the end of my troubles but it felt like a huge step in the right direction.

6.8 miles and 1,736 feet - route on strava

Harry waiting patiently

Teasel obviously wondering what I was doing going the wrong way

Pen y Ghent on the horizon

Nearly at the top

Yeah, okay, I look a bit bedraggled

Hester doing her weird sideways descending

Ears....... Up!

Hester and Tizwaz putting the hammer down

Yep, I've no idea either

The professionals in the party showing how its done

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