Sunday, 19 April 2015

The 3 Peaks from Horton - 18th April 2015

Given that its my intention to run around the 3 Peaks once every month in 2015 (for absolutely no obvious reason at all other than I want to) this weekend was my last chance to do April's run, what with the Fellsman looming next weekend. Hester, kind of sensibly, didn't fancy such a long run just one week before the Fellsman but instead decided to run up Ingleborough and back down, timed to try and co-incide with my appearance over Ingleborough.

I was feeling really up for it and managed to keep a relatively strong pace all the way round and was very happy to get back to Horton, taking a snib over 4:30 hours of running. To be fair the ground conditions were really firm and the weather lovely and both contributed nicely to the easy running. A cracker!

Now I just need to put my feet up all week in readiness for the Fellsman......

From Horton - 21.5 miles and 5,987 ft - route on Strava

Whernside on the far horizon from the top of Pen y Ghent

Climbing Whernside now and looking towards peak 3, Ingleborough

Looking towards the top of Whernside, with the final steep bit still to climb 

Ribblehead Viaduct to the left and Ingleborough to the right

On the ridgeline of Whernside and, after the climb, its time to kick start the legs again

Looking back at Whernside from Ingleborough

The summit plateau of Ingleborough

On the final trot back to Horton and meeting Hester hammering along, coming the other way

Pen y Ghent ahoy!

Feet up at the finish and resting for the Fellsman

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  1. Can't wait for Saturday after looking at these!