Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Calf from Sedburgh - 13th June

Okay I should be ashamed to admit it but I'd never ever run in the Howgills before! So me, Harry and Teasel set off to correct that once and for all with a lose plan to run to The Calf (the highest Howgill peak) and back from Sedburgh. 

I didn't really know the way but we more-or-less worked it out on the hoof as it turns out. Looking at the map now our route went north out of Sedburgh, following the track that runs parallel to Settlebeck Gill, over over the peaks of Arant Haw and Calders on the way to The Calf followed by visits to the cairn on Crook and the trig on Winder on the way back. 

'Its not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning'..... as far as my running in the Howgills is concerned anyway.

The Calf from Sedburgh - 7.9 miles and 2,612 feet - route on strava

The expedition commences

Teasel using her 'sonar' to find the best route

Tongues out

Scratty sheep or what?

Teasel didn't need to swim this bit to be honest

Yep, we'd just ran down that track. Fantastic running indeed!

Me and Teasel Weasel

The trig point on Winder

Teasel giving me her 'scary' stare. Oooh I'm so scared.

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