Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ingleborough and Simon Fell and the 3 Peaks Cycle-Cross - Sunday 27th September

First off, at the risk of further turning my Yorkshire Dales running blog into a blinking medical journal, it turns out that I was running the 3 Peaks last weekend with high blood pressure - so its no wonder that my wheels started to fall off on reaching Ingleborough! I saw the doc again a couple of days later and my blood pressure was still up even then, which I'm putting down as another side effect of my 'affliction of dooooom'.  And whats more I've now had my blood tested for Lyme Disease and have to wait a week or two for the result - pericarditis can be caused by Lyme Disease apparently and, if it turns out I've got it, that will explain a lot!

Anyway thats enough of my flipping pericarditis. Sunday was the day of the 3 Peaks Cycle-Cross, the toughest cycle-cross race of the year, and, with Hester still out of action (with a nasty affliction of her own), me a the hounds took a slow trot up Ingleborough from home, with a return loop over Simon Fell, timed to coincide with the cycle-crossers getting up there. We arrived on Ingleborough with about 10 minutes to spare and were able to then run back through the field of cyclists as they came into view. A brilliant day for a brilliant event. And not a bad run either.

10.4 miles and 1,708 feet - route on strava

Not a bad day for a run then...

A handily placed doggy drink station/ bath

Harry managed to find a stick somehow with not a tree in sight

Looking out for the cycle-crossers from the top of Ingleborough

These guys were about 5 minutes off the lead

I suspect their cross bikes don't weigh as much as my re-inforced lead lined (c. 1990's) mountain bike

Looking towards Ingleborough now from Simon Fell


Pen y Ghent viewed from the highest point of Simon Fell

A nice cloud inversion looking towards Settle

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