Monday, 10 August 2015

A first effort at a recovery run - a shorty from Sedburgh - 1st August 2015

So my pericarditis didn't quite recover as I'd hoped..... My local GP had thought I'd have been back running after a week or so but, to be honest, and despite a big effort to try and run, my batteries were completely flat and the effects of the pericarditis were slow in going. I'd been set to run the Lakeland 100 on 24th/25th (and maybe a bit of 26th) July with Hester but I had to knock that on the head which was a big disappointment. I did go and support Hester though and she ran an absolute blinder, nailing the full 105 miles in 31 hours and 56 minutes and coming 83rd out of a field of 302 of which 209 finished. What a superstar!

On my 'dicky ticker' front though, basically I kept getting a sensation of my heart beating (a palpitation, although my heart beat was at normal speed and not fast) and this was especially so at night in bed. I also felt windy, a bit weird and very washed out. Even while watching the final few hours progress of Hester in the Lakeland 100 on the big screen at Coniston School, which was truly gripping, I felt totally crap (sorry Sunderland Strollers for not joining in with your gang in the hall but I was really struggling). I was also starting to worry that the problem might be something more complicated and it was hard to think about anything else but my flipping heart beating. So I continued to rest up and, after chatting to the doctor again, restarted taking anti-inflammatories again which seemed to help stall the heart palpitations. 

So on 1st August I managed to have a really fabulous 'comeback' run with Hester and the dogs from Sedburgh in a 4 mile triangle over Winder, Arant Haw and Crook. Even so I had a few heart beaty moments before the start and my chest didn't feel completely comfortable on the run either. It did feel like a step in the right direction though...

3.8 miles and 1,748 feet - route on Strava

Hester running really well.... considering the 105 miler the previous weekend

The Howgills are great

Hester feeling it 'a bit'

The scratters

And.... down!

Haz taking on water

It has to be one of the best hills to run down in the world!

Teasel gets a full on cuddle

Me dropping back down to Sedburgh

Ze pooches


  1. Stolly - it is absolutely brilliant to have another run review from my favourite blog. I am glad that you are back running - I was not aware of the problem, I just missed your regular updates. I hope that this run was indeed another step in the right direction, and thanks for sharing the report and photos: they're great, as ever. Ian Sampson