Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The 5 Trigs of Ingleborough.... with an added visit to the cairn on Simon Fell - 24th May 2015

A corker of a solo run last Sunday, visiting the 'famed' 5 trig points of Ingleborough. Well, when I say famed, I half remember another fell runner (from Bowland Fell Runners I think) vaguely mentioning on the fell runners association forum donkey's years ago that, with a bit of imagination, there are 5 trigs on and around Ingleborough and its a grand run out trying to link them all together. Which I've now done two or three times.

The trig points are (in the order I visited them) at Smearsett Scar (real imagination is needed to include this as 'on' Ingleborough but hey), Moughton (a far flung outlier of Ingleborough I guess), the Ingleborough trig point itself (duh), Park Fell (a definite outlier) and last but not least the barely known or visited trig just north of Sulber Nick (marked only with its height, 348 meters, on OS maps) which I guess is in the Ingleborough nature reserve so therefore counts as 'on' Ingleborough. A fantastic run out and a pretty flipping tough route too which I added to by also visiting the cairn at the peak of Simon Fell (if ever a hill deserved a trig point this is it). Its a cracker...

From Horton - 19.5 miles and 4,388 feet - route on Strava

Trig 1 - Smearsett Scar

Trotting through Oxenber Woods on the way to Wharf before the climb up Moughton

Trig 2 - Moughton

A bouncing selfie

The 'limestone lands' before Ingleborough (left) and Simon Fell (right)

Next up the cairn on Simon Fell

Trig 3 - Ingleborough (with the bloke that kept loitering about and ruining my shot)

Trig 4 - Park Fell

The fabulous descent into Ribblesdale off of Park Fell

Trig 5 near Sulber - with orchids

Sulber Trig

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