Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Plover Hill, Pen y Ghent and back via Helwith Bridge along the river - Saturday 12th September

And it was, on and off, hammering down with rain. Just about perfect conditions for this run of the Pen y Ghent ridge line top to bottom then! Although my 'affliction' is still with me, albeit to a lesser extent (touch wood), its increasingly not affecting my running and, although I'm still taking things steady, this run almost felt like I was back to normal. Rain, mud and running in the hills - thats what its all about.

11 miles and 1,727 feet - route on strava

Heading into the glooming

Crossing the old 3 Peaks walkers path, barely used nowadays

On the track out towards Foxup

Action adventure dogs in profile

Heading up the side of Plover Hill

Having a pant after nailing most of the climb

Yep, its raining....

Mmmmmm.... the smell of wet dog

Nearly home now, looking towards Pen y Ghent completely hidden in cloud

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