Thursday, 10 September 2015

Recovery run #3 - Pen y Ghent 'done steep' from Horton - Sunday 16th August

I've now lost the plot as far as my affliction goes - is it pericarditis, is it indigestion or is it perhaps a stomach ulcer caused by taking anti-inflammatories? Come 16th August I hadn't a clue - I'd been trying to run most of the week with some good days and some bad but had reverted to taking ibuprofen with what seemed might have been pericarditis pains coming back again. On the Saturday I'd had a pretty awful run which was much more of a walk over Pen y Ghent but on the Sunday out of the blue I felt much better and, rightly or wrongly, decided to give myself a testing run out. Don't get me wrong I didn't want to try and run fast and completely overcook things but I did want to throw in a serious hill.

So.... it was Pen y Ghent (for a change) but this time, for the final 450 feet of the ascent, choosing to climb the steep east face of the hill and descending by the equally steep west side. Its a cracking route and the climb is especially brutal. I didn't have my camera with me that day but using Google Earth I created a couple of pictures of the route:

The full route done anti-clockwise

A close up nicely demonstrating the straight up and straight down profile
Unfortunately, just as I was trotting back into Horton, I started to get uncomfortable tummy sensations but I'd otherwise enjoyed a damn good run out.

5.7 miles and 1,702 feet - route on strava

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