Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Settle hills from Settle - 15th February 2015

Last Sunday's run was significant in that it was Harry's first unrestrained trot out following his knee injury. He'd seen the vet again earlier in the week and, although he still has to keep things steady, his knee seems to be on the mend (which is a big relief because at one stage the vet thought it may have been a torn cruciate ligament which could have meant surgery). Harry can now resume 'steady trotting' but nothing too strenuous and he mustn't over cook it. 

Anyway me and Haz went for a nice 5 mile trot out from Settle, initially following the Pennine Bridleway but then hooking right at Jubilee Cave in the direction of Attermire Scar before scooting over Warrendale Knots, visiting the trig point, and trotting back down to Settle Market Square. Harry loved it!

From Settle - 5.1 miles and 1,165 ft - route on Strava

My usual view when running with Harry

Looking back towards Victoria Cave from Warrendale Knots

A misty view of Attermire Scar

A very happy Harry

Hazzer scuttling down a gully

Haz with brick in mouth - with Sugar Loaf Hill and a bit of the back of High Hill in the background

Reign it in Haz - the vet said steady trotting!

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