Sunday, 25 January 2015


Well, following on from my "hugely successful" (cough) Stolly's Running Blog over the past couple of years I thought it was time to give my hill running blogging a bit of a shake up and, for this year at least, I'm intending to 'run' two hill running blogs - a Yorkshire Dales Running Year (this one) and a Lakeland Running Year (the other one). Given that my running blogs are just one huge excuse to (in the main) include pictures of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District taken as I run through them, separating expeditions one National Park from the other somehow seemed like a good idea... although funnily enough, now that I've started, it suddenly seems ever so slightly less of a 'good idea'.

Given that I live in Horton-in-Ribblesdale (with Hester and Harry), the Yorkshire Dales runs will I'm sure outweigh those in the Lake District. Equally the Dales runs will be a bit south western Dales centric but with the occasional excursion north into Wensleydale or Swaledale. The Lake District is only an hour or so down the road though and we get over there relatively often so, after a bit of a slower start, the Lakeland Running Year will start to gather a pace in no time at all.

I tend to run in the hills most days by the way, circa 40 to 50 miles a week, but (thankfully?) the runs posted will usually just represent the more exciting weekend adventures, with the odd mid-week expedition included if something out of the ordinary occurs.

Quite what I'm going to do when I'm running somewhere not in the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District remains to be seen but I'll cross that bridge when I get there!

All style and sophistication - that's me!

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